• Mi. Mai 15th, 2024

Manqurtism nədir və Manqurt kimdir? مانقورتیسم – Dr. Əlirza Əsğərzadə

The term „Mankurt“ in popular culture refers to a person who cannot recall his or her cultural roots and origin. The word comes from a Turkic myth popularized by Chinghiz Aitmatov in his novel The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years („И дольше века длится день“). It is a philosophical tale about what can happen to people if they forget their motherland, language, and history. The Turkic legend mentioned in the novel tells about a cruel way of making a mankurt of a captive man obtaining that he forgets everything but basic activities and, thus, becomes an ideal slave of Djungar masters. The process involves a round of fresh raw hide from the neck of a camel, that would be planted as a sort of cap on the thoroughly shaven head of a captive. His hands as well his feet are tied and to prevent the victim to replace the cap by rubbing his head on the ground a large wooden stock is installed around his neck. That captive would be then simply left in desert for several days. Once the hide would start drying it would shrink and bind to the head, thus making a hoop and literally „squeezing“ all sanity out of the man (usually). What is worse, the hair is not always able to grow through the camel’s hide so it often curls back and would penetrate the scalp causing a pain beyond endurance. Usually that victim would perish from such a torture or a thirst. If the man happens to survive the torture, he would be recuperated and become like a dog to his master, not remembering anything from his past, his culture, even his own name or the name of his own mother. Removing completely the camel’s hide from the scalp is not always possible and those mankurts (e.g. the son of Nayman-Ana in Aytmatov’s novel) are so ashamed of having such a headgear that they are always wearing a cap, day and night and would not doff it for anything in the world.
„Internalized racism is racism thats internalized within the victims, so they believe and often act out on the prejudices of others about their group.
It’s when one is bombarded with racist things about them like if everyone said to them „you are this race so you are stupid“ , that eventually theyll believe it themselves and consider themselves stupid.
Black Self Hatred  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOMotb…
چنگیز آیتماتوف نویسنده ی نامدار قیرقیزستان در رمان روزی برابر یک قرن بر اساس یک افسانه، آدمهائی را به تصویر می کشد که مبدل به مانقورت شده اند. منظور از مانقورت، انسانهائی هستند که با هویت ملی خود بیگانه شده و تحث تاثیر قدرت حاکم بمثابه ستون پنجم دشمن بر علیه هویت خود عمل می نمایند. چنگیز آیتماتوف برای نشان دادن عمق تراژدی، مردی را به تصویر می کشد که قادر به شناختن مادرش نمی باشد حتی او را دشمن پنداشته و به قصد کشتن او تیری از کمانش رها می کند و او را می کشد. انسان با خواندن این رمان برایش این پرسش مطرح می شود آیا این موضوع پایه ی علمی دارد و یا فقط افسانه ای بیش نیست؟ درعلم جامعه شناسی به جای مانقورت از اصطلاح „نژاد پرستی داخلی“ استفاده می شود.
چگونه کودکی از هویت خود ابراز انزجار میکند؟! مانقورت به چه معنی ایست؟! چگونه افراد نژادپرستی را در درون خود نهادینه میکنند و چگونه نژادپرستی به راحتی میپذیرند؟!
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